Search Engine Optimization Delivers Higher Visibility and ROI, Than Traditional Marketing Programs

Having a solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is the key to developing a web presence that delivers measurable ROI. In fact, Hubspot, a leading software provider for Inbound & Online Marketing, indicated in their 2010 State of Inbound Marketing report that:

SEO is 60% more cost effective than traditional marketing programs

Search engine optimization or SEO refers to improving a web sites’ natural and organic ranking in the search engine results page. This is the left hand search results not paid advertisement. There are several factors that search engines like Google use to score your website, the higher your score, the higher you rank. The scoring is based various factors such as, fresh content,  key word density, meta tags, internal linking and back links, just to name a few.

What makes this even more complicated is that Google uses over 100 different algorithms to assign your “score”, which can change 8-20 times a day with new algorithms constantly being added to the mix. No one knows what the exact formula is, which makes Search Engine Optimization an ongoing and time consuming effort if a company wants to consistently be found on the internet.

As the use of the internet continues to grow; Google reported this year that:

20% of search’s conducted in Google everyday have never been searched before

Has your business captured any of these new key word search terms? Do you have a content development plan to include the new key word search terms of the future?

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