Search Engine Marketing Can Quickly Drive Traffic To Your Website.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)  is a powerful and effective way  for companies to drive business or traffic to their website quickly with paid advertisements. These are small text Ad’s that are served up in the right hand column and/or at the top of the search results page of a related search term. SEO is critical but takes time to accomplish, SEM  can drive results quickly.

As a company begins to establish an Internet presence, many times with the vast amount of competition on the Internet, it is difficult to achieve organic search results for keyword terms that best describe their product or services quickly. PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is used to help a company rank for key word terms that are highly competitive or if they are trying to accelerate their web presence.

What many businesses do not know is that, there is a formula Google uses for the placement of your PPC Advertisement, similar to the formula Google uses for SEO and organic search placement.  Specifically, Google uses a combination of a “Quality Score”, click through rates and bid amounts, and determine the placement of a Google Ad. A similar ad scoring methodology is used by all search engines.

Testing variations of your Ad’s copy, keywords and offers are critical in making sure you are achieving the maximum ROI for traffic you are paying for. Keywords must be analyzed for performance and conversion. If key words or campaigns are not optimized it is not worth buying, regardless of what the key word is.

Since every dollar spent on Internet Marketing can be tracked, it is important to understand the exact cost per acquisition (or ROI) for every dollar spent, in order to maximize the budget your company has established.  There is no worse feeling when you have spent $100’s or even $1000’s of dollars on Google AD words and received a disappointing return on your investment.  If a campaign is set up properly with clear goals and tactics, where you are consistently analyzing the results and optimizing the various versions of the Ad, a business can achieve higher ROI that other traditional marketing avenue’s.  In fact, according to the 2010 State Of Search Engine Marketing report by SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization)

“Around half the companies (49%) are reallocating budgets to search engine marketing from print advertising.”

If your company has:

  • Ran campaigns that did not have the conversion rates you expected
  • Had disappointing click through rate’s from past purchased Ad words
  • Not sure what type of Ad word/Key words are the most appropriate to buy

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